How Does Your Wedding Compare?

By Analorena Zeledon,

Planning your wedding and feeling a little unnerved by all the decisions? What kind of flowers are hot? What's IN for themes, color schemes, decorations? Then there's the cost. Are you spending too much? Where does your budget fall in lines with "an average" wedding in the US?

We turned to the wedding experts at The Knot and for answers. They conducted a survey of brides in the US and reveal what's going on in wedding world these days:


On average, brides spend $26,984 for the overall wedding.

  • New York City brides have the highest wedding budget: $70,730
  • Utah brides have the lowest wedding budget: $13,214
  • 12% of brides spend more than $40k on their wedding event with 1 in 5 spending more than $30k

Tip from The Knot and Wedding The number one way to minimize budget costs: Trim your wedding guest list!

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The average age for the Bride is 29 while the groom's is approximately 31.

  • New York City & the outer boroughs boast the oldest brides at 32 years
  • West Texas has some of the youngest brides with an average age of 24


Due to the economic downturn, in 2010, 24% of brides opted for destination weddings, a 20% increase over 2008.

  • Brides in New Mexico, California (Sacramento, Tahoe), and Nevada (Reno, Tahoe) were most impacted by the economy.
  • Brides in Alaska and Nebraska were the least affected.
  • Surprisingly, less than 1/3 (or 31%) of brides said that the economy affected their wedding budget in 2010, a shocking decrease from the 34% the year before.
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  • Hawaiian brides opted for the most casual weddings
  • Northern/Central New Jersey brides threw the most formal weddings, usually hosting black-tie events.


  • 43% went with traditional Ivory/White
  • 28% light or dark blue
  • 26% light or dark green


  • 98% of brides received an engagement ring
  • 55% planned an outdoor wedding, 24% jetted off for a destination reception
  • 28% took at least 12 months to plan their big day
  • 65% of couples created a personal wedding web page
  • 41% used a social network to communicate information about the wedding

What's your style? Where do you fall in these numbers?

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