How Far Is Too Far on Facebook?

REDBOOK dating blogger, "Alice," contemplates how Facebook has changed the dating game.

I just read a story on Huffington Post about a British man in his 60s who's been kicked off the social network for continually trying to meet women to sleep with. Related: Why One Night Stands May Not Be So Bad

In a word - gross! And also, really? Personally, I've never seen Facebook as an online meet market (ha!) which is why my only friends are people I know in real life. But occasionally, I do get the creepster who tries to Friend me - like a dude who read an article I wrote about dating and decided we'd be a perfect match (don't think so!). Related: How to Romance a Dude

But what about the other part of social networking? When someone you do know in person - especially in a formerly romantic capacity - gets especially amorous? For example, I just had to de-friend a guy who I'd been on a few dates with because he was commenting on EVERY SINGLE ONE of my status updates (are you revealing too much online?). I got a salad for lunch? Great! He did too! I was planning on going running after work? Good idea! He was so enthusiastic and supportive - a one-guy cheering squad, and this was after we'd only been on two dates, and after I told him that I wasn't interested. Eventually, I de-friended him because it was getting embarrassing - and my real friends were asking who he was. Related: Read Installment Two of Alice's Facebook Friction

What about you? Any icky social network situations? Also, here's how to make sure your privacy is protected so you WON'T get a creepy come-on through your computer.

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