How Guys Really Feel About Cheating

Does a tipsy kiss count? A flirty tweet? A sext? In the ever-expanding gray area of fidelity, 102 men explain what's wrong to them.

Have you ever cheated on a woman?

Yes: 27%
No: 73%

If so, did your wife/girlfriend and the other woman know each other?

Yes: 46%
No: 54%

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If so, did your wife/girlfriend find out?
Yes: 43%
No: 57%

If your wife/girlfriend found out, did you stay together?

Yes: 33%
No: 67%

Has a woman ever cheated on you?

Yes: 32%
No: 50%
Not that I know of:

Would you ever cheat on a woman with one of her friends?

Yes: 12%
No: 88%

Would you sleep with a woman who you knew was in a relationship?

Yes. Her relationship isn't my problem: 50%
No. I wouldn't do that to the other guy: 24%
No. Cheating is wrong, period: 26%

If your partner makes out with another woman, is it cheating?

Yes: 14%
No: 86%

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If someone cheats while drunk, is it excusable?
Yes. He/she didn't know what he/she was doing: 8%
No. It's all the same: 92%

Is flirting cheating?

Yes: 7%
No: 93%

Is getting a lap dance from a stripper cheating?

Yes: 16%
No: 84%

Is kissing cheating?

Yes: 76%
No: 24%

Is sexting/sex-emailing/sex-tweeting cheating?

Yes: 80%
No: 20%

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