How Is Technology Affecting Your Relationship?

Is it helping or hurting your relationship?

couple with cell phonecouple with cell phone

I love technology. I just can't get enough of it sometimes- I want the latest gadget, app, hardware or software program. I love that it's made doing business across the world with colleagues a joy, and I love staying in touch with all my family and friends that are scattered far and wide. I can't imagine life without it.

However, with all the advances in technology to help us communicate faster, cheaper and clearer, many people are more lonely and isolated than ever before.

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Whatever your position on technology, the simple facts are, we can't avoid it. Technology is embedded into every part of our day, from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep at night. Unless you live in a cave, or somewhere very remote with no contact with others, we actually need technology to go about our day-to-day living.

The problem is, technology can get in the way of healthy relating. Here are some of the most common problems I see with technology and relationships:

Technology promotes connection AND disconnection

For some people, they can use technology to create psyeudo-connection. By this I mean a person can create the illusion or perception that they are very connected, engaged and vibrant, when the reality is they are anything but. This tends to happen when a person does all their engaging online, yet doesn't meet with people in the offline world.

Unfortunately, I meet many people in my practice who are profoundly lonely, disconnected and isolated from others, yet by all appearances, are very connected with technology. They may have hundreds of Facebook friends or Twitter followers, yet their cries of loneliness go unheard. Read More...

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