How Many Times a Day Do Men Think About Sex?

disclosed a research study showed the conventional man thinks about sex 13 times throughout the day. This is 4,745 times a year. Is it hard to fathom that this would be correct? When do they get any work accomplished? Is that statistic valid? Numerous men, in the research study, admitted they think about sexual intercourse first thing in the morning. They same research study showed woman only think about having sex five times a day. That is only 1,825 times a year. This makes you think. If you catch your man staring into space, is he daydreaming about "having relations" at that moment? Alternatively, could he be fantasizing about the Bulls game on Friday night?

In the evaluation, researchers discovered that one in three guys think a candlelit dinner is the best way of getting a woman in the mood, followed by a relaxing massage. I thought many women would be partial to music to get them in the mood. Do men sit around all day and think about how they can get their partner in the mood? Does it really have to be that hard?

How many times do men think about sex during the day? How many times are women thinking about having sexual intercourse? What ways are best to get a woman in the mood? Are men always ready? Have you had to get your man in the mood? Do you have a blueprint that works for getting a woman in the mood?

Do men really think about Sex 5,000 times a year?