How Often Does Domestic Abuse Go Unreported?

The Chris Brown and Rihanna saga is getting dirtier by the minute, with details and/or rumors popping up virtually every few seconds. Now, Kelly Bensimon of "Real Housewives of New York" fame, is charged with knocking around her boyfriend. What are relationships coming to?

It's got to be tough enough to live every aspect of your life under the media's microscope, but sometimes, high profile celebrity relationships uncover real issues that the general public deals with every day. Spousal assault is one of those issues which seems to get swept under the rug, until it rears it's ugly head in celebrity relationships.

Abuse in relationships is real, and regardless of the reasons, it is never right. But how often does spousal abuse go unreported. Details of a police affidavit in the Chris Brown and Rihanna case states that this is not the first time that the "Umbrella" singer has been slapped around.

I ain't wit it, but why do some women deal with this crap?

Could their latest fiasco been avoided if Rihanna had come forward the first time that it happened?

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