How These 10 People Found The One

As these readers can attest, you never know where and when you'll find your dream guy....

"Believe it or not, I met my current beau in a public bathroom! I was at a restaurant, waiting in line for the ladies' room, but this old lady was taking freakin' forever. I couldn't hold it anymore, so I ducked into the empty men's room. I was already done with my business when I realized there was no toilet paper, so I half-hiked up my pants and wobbled out of the stall, only to find that I wasn't alone. Some hot dude was washing his hands and was trying so hard not to laugh. I, however, was horrified by the situation. I zipped up my pants, washed my hands and ran back to my table, where I told my friends the entire story. Ten minutes later, the waiter brought over this brownie dessert and said it was from the guy I'd met in the bathroom. Even though I was still mortified, I went over to his table and thanked him. After reassuring me that I had no reason to be embarrassed, he asked for my number and called the next day to make a date." -Amber, 18

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"During college, I decided to do a semester abroad. Rather than head to London or Madrid like my friends were doing, I chose a more adventurous locale: Hanoi, Vietnam. Of course, I didn't speak a word of Vietnamese, so I needed to take a language course. I figured everyone in my class would be a hippie travel freak, but the first person I met was a total dreamboat named Karl. He was going to Vietnam too! From the second we met, we clicked. It was so romantic spending the first few months of our relationship in a foreign country. We experienced every aspect of the culture together-eating exotic dishes, exploring the villages and, naturally, being misunderstood by the locals when we tried to speak Vietnamese." -Anna, 20

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"I was at the dentist, getting some cavities filled and a couple of teeth capped, so it wasn't one of my better days. Of course, while I was lying there, drugged up on novocaine, mascara tears running down my cheeks, my dentist decided to inform me that he wanted to set me up. Apparently, the guy was a dentist buddy who was stopping by to take him to lunch. Since I was feeling disgusting, I told him it probably wasn't a good day, to which he replied, 'Oh, you have to. He'll be here any minute.' When he finished, I made a beeline for the door, hoping to escape before his friend got there. I was in such a rush, I wound up crashing into this beautiful man who turned out to be the guy I was supposed to meet! Despite my disheveled appearance, he asked if I wanted to grab a drink sometime. We went out the next week and have been together for six years." -Michelle, 34

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"I literally picked up my boyfriend of two years on the side of the road-he rear-ended me on the highway! I had just gotten a new car, so I was angry as hell. After we pulled over, I got out, ready for a fight, but my anger quickly subsided when I saw the gorgeous man who'd hit me. I knew that I should have yelled at the guy, whose name was Ashley, for his carelessness, but instead, I actually told him it was understandable-I was that love struck. We exchanged numbers, and a week later, Ashley called. I figured he just wanted to see how I was doing, but he ended up asking me out. Thanks to my fender bender, I met my true love."
-Tiffany, 19

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"I was handing my ID to a bouncer outside a bar when a couple of cops walked by. I made eye contact with one of them who was totally my type: tall, blond and built. I've never considered cops to be dating material (I guess I'm intimidated by the law), but there was something about this one I liked. We held the look for more than a few seconds-I could not take my eyes off him. After our night out, my friends and I were driving home and got pulled over by this cop. Although the girl driving was sober, she apparently was speeding. Well, it turned out to be lucky for all of us, because the cop was the same cutie I'd seen outside the bar! I immediately introduced myself to him and mentioned that I'd seen him earlier that night. Instead of a ticket, he gave me his card, and soon after, we started dating. I still can't believe I'm with a cop." -Jenna, 28

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"When I was a freshman in college, my friends and I used to play basketball with a few guys on the weekends. I suck at the game, and one day, when I made a really bad pass, the ball smacked some guy in the face so hard, the poor dude passed out! I was so embarrassed, I ran to the bathroom to avoid the situation-and him-entirely, which probably wasn't the best idea. A few days later, I went on a job interview, and the manager introduced me to everyone. The first person I met was the man that I hit with the basketball. I nearly fainted when I saw his enormous black eye, but he started laughing and asked me why I ran away after the whole thing happened. I'm so glad he had a sense of humor about it. Now we've been together for three years." -Amber, 22

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"My mom and I had just moved in to this new house, and we had an electrician doing some work on our place. I have a 9-to-5 job, so we never crossed paths, but still, every night for a week I had to hear my mother babble on about how she really wanted me to meet the cute electrician. My mother's idea of cute doesn't exactly jibe with mine, so I didn't take her that seriously. On his last day of work though, I was actually home since I was leaving for a trip to Jamaica that afternoon. Surprisingly enough, he was just as hot as my mom had said he was-actually, hotter. Even though our introduction was rushed, I felt an immediate connection. So while I was away, I sent him an email, and we made plans to go out for dinner when I got back to town. Who ever would have thought that five years later, we'd be married?!" -Jamie, 27

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"I love acting, so I've been performing in community plays all of my life. A few years ago, I was in the musical Sweeney Todd, which is a supercreepy show. The guy who played the lead was scary looking when he was in costume-ragged clothes, ratty hair, overdone makeup-but out of costume, he was adorable. During rehearsal breaks, we got to know each other better, and by the time the show opened, we were best friends. I actually had developed quite the crush on him, since we were together 24/7. Turns out, the feeling was mutual, because on closing night, he planted one on me as soon as the curtain closed." -Chandler, 21

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"I was on vacation in Vegas with my boyfriend of two months, Craig. After having way too good of a time, we decided at the spur of the moment to get hitched à la Britney Spears. Turns out, I found I was more attracted to the Elvis impersonator who was going to marry us than I was to my 'fiancé.' So I took that as a sign and called off our 10-minute engagement. Craig was upset, but I think that deep down, the two of us realized that it was a very bad idea. The next day, 'Elvis' (whose real name is Nick) showed us around Vegas. After our trip, I continued to keep in touch with him. Eventually, things with Craig ended...and Nick decided to come visit. We had an amazing time and decided to try the long-distance thing." -Sara, 24

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"I met my long-term boyfriend, Clay, at the ATM next door to my apartment. He actually didn't even say hi or introduce himself-he just asked if he could call me sometime. I looked at him blankly and said, 'I don't even know you.' He was speechless. After seeing the look on his face I felt so bad for killing his game that I introduced myself and asked what his name was. Clay seemed really nice, so I figured, what the hell? I'm so glad I decided to give him my number because ATM boy turned out to be an Ivy League grad, who was also a true gentleman and totally hilarious." -Christie, 24

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