How To Heal Your Broken Heart - 3 Powerful Tips To Heal Your Broken Heart

Writing to heal

You would be surprise of the effect of writing to yourself can have, give it a try of writing to yourself for at least 20 minutes a day and write on stuff that matters to you, by putting your feeling and ideas on paper, you will release a bit of that sadness, anger that overwhelms you and I guarantee that you will be a lot more happier after a while.

Put away everything regarding your ex

Okay I don't want you to do any kind of stuff you could regret, like burning pictures, ripping off old souvenirs, etc but at the same do not need constant reminders of your ex. So why not grab a box and put everything in your sight that reminds you of your ex huh? This way you won't have him/her in your mind 24/7

Talk, Cry & Scream

There is no point in keeping it all inside, you have to let it all out... Talk to your supportive friends, who will be there to listen to you....not the friends ready to bash on your ex. ....if you need to scream, go ahead...if you feel like you need to cry then be it, doing so will allow you to grieve from the breakup.

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