Holding on is the hardest thing to do when you want to really let go, when it's so much weight on the other end the best thing to do is let it go because it becomes to heavy. Holding on can be unbearable, because then you ask the question what am I holding on to, when what you are holding, have no reason for the hold.

But on the other hand you have to ask some realistic questions to yourself; is this relationship worth it, or this job or business idea etc. worth the fustration, worth the wait or is it worth your happiness. What possibilities of holding on, will prove itself later. The job you may get a promotion you never thought you would get or a raise that will handle all your bills and all the enjoyment you been wanting to do.

Relationship; it probably have been a bad relationship or just not compatible, so you don't want to hold on to something that isn't going any where or no change has occurred, but it's a possibility that the person may change for the better, they may decide they don't want to risk losing you and come to their senses and you live happy ever after. My mom always say good things come to those who wait. Do you have the strength to hold on a little longer to see what it would be. When love finally comes it's worth every bit of the wait and even if it's with the person you are tired of holding on to, the change for that person will still be worth it as well..........LOVE is GOOD!

Your business; yes you are putting a lot into your business but all those business guru had to put in, in order to get out. In business adventure is a risk taker, but if you have the tenacity, the ambition, the mind set you can accomplish your goals. If you do not give up now, YOU may become the next wealthy person and live the fabulious life, and have the finer things, if you hold on a little longer and it all will pay off.