How to know when enough is enough in a relationship.

After dating someone for awhile, you just know. It does not have to be a long time either. There are clues that will put a light on in your head. One big one is lack of communication. Without communicating, how can you even get to know this person. If they lie to you or keep making promises that they never keep. Contradicting themselves over and over again.

Acting immature is something many woman do not like. Having anger issues is definitely a red flag. You do not want to be with someone with an anger management problem. If they are argumentative this means he does not agree with you on many things. You can't have conflicting personalities. This will never work. Controlling men who want you to change everything about you. If this guy is not happy with you as you are then he is not worth being with.

Mistrusting is another issue. If there is no trust now, what will it be like later. Jealousy can cause many problems and it shows he has a low self esteem about himself. Is he only interested in sex or does he constantly talk about weird things? If so, get out of this relationship before it gets serious.

Most women want a strong man and an intelligent one. A man who knows when to talk about certain things. They know when the time is right. A woman wants someone who will compliment her and trust her. A woman needs a man that is compassionate but not clingy. She wants a gentlemen and one that will treat her with respect.

If the guy says you look like a slut or comes on to you right away then this is not the man you want. A man and woman both need trust, honesty and love to make a relationship work. Without any of these, I would drop him like a hot potato.

The guy needs to show that he is interested in you and that means calling or seeing you. He needs to show he isn't in a hurry and he is willing to wait until your ready to carry your relationship further. That is why communicating is so important.

Having the same interests and wanting to do these things together is a plus. As a relationship goes further, let him meet your family and you can meet his family. It takes time to get to know each other but some people just seem to know. In an adult relationship, things may happen quickly but sometimes they go slow. It just depends on the two of you.

If you got this far I would say he is probably a keeper. The longer your together the more you will find out. So, take your time.

But, if you have bad vibes about someone or they turn you off right away then I suggest you end it right away. You don't want to waste your time with a deadbeat or an ignorant jerk.