How To Reduce Corporate Greed

When I called for customer service on my American Company cell phone I got a call back from Asia.

I called them back and complained. I expect American Companies to have customer service in America.

To reduce Corporate greed, write a letter to the president of the Company.

Tell this person, this company is an American company and you expect him to have American marketing, sells and customer service.

Then find a company that does and switch to them. This will cause them to lose money and they will have to do as their customers ask.

People wonder why all the protests from Americans? Americans need the jobs.

This will not ever completely stop greed but it will work.

This is all about love. I love companies that listen to the ones who pay them. Don't you?

That customer service person asked me why I asked where she was located. I told her because I pay the money for the service and good bye.