How to Take a Vacation to Solve Marriage Problems

By K. T. Logan

Facing marriage problems can be frustrating for both you and your spouse. Whether your problems are a buildup of unresolved issues or recent occurrences, it can be difficult to work things out while immersed in the hassles of daily life. Although it can seem like you've tried everything and nothing works, staying dedicated to the marriage may mean pushing your efforts past your usual attempts. Taking a vacation to solve marriage problems can allow you to work on your marriage while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere.

Step 1
Choose a vacation destination that both of you are excited to visit.
Make a list of interesting places that fit into your budget. Include past romantic locations such as honeymoon or first-date destinations to invoke positive memories. Add hot spots that pique your curiosity and that could provide the backdrop for reconciliation. Don't let your budget stop you from taking a vacation; if your finances won't allow a trip to a far-flung destination, consider staying at a local hotel or turning your home into a relaxing retreat.

Step 2
Set ground rules for the vacation "therapy" sessions.
Agree what problems should be tackled during the vacation to avoid dodging these issues. Make a pact to leave meaningless arguments at home and to focus on positive communication efforts while on vacation. Banish talk of children and work unless it relates directly to your marriage problems. Spend time preparing solutions prior the vacation to stay focused on the ultimate goal of the get-away.

Step 3
Plan activities to inject life back into your relationship.
Just because you're taking the vacation to solve marriage problems doesn't mean that your time has to be all "business." Sometimes leaving your hectic work and home life can automatically ease relationship tension. Search for landmarks, tourist attractions and former hangouts surrounding your vacation location. Coordinating day and nighttime events can allow you to enjoy the trip without worrying about awkward "down time."

Step 4
Focus on making new memories.
Use the vacation as a chance to rebuild your marriage and to lay the groundwork for your future together. While remembering past moments is useful, making the present and future more enjoyable should be your goal. Taking pictures and purchasing souvenirs can remind you to make the most of your time together.

Step 5
Opt for a couple's vacation if you need extra support.
Vacationing with another couple can help you relax and may prevent petty bickering. Consider signing up for a couple's retreat to take advantage of professional therapy and coordinated group activities. Learning from the victories and mistakes of others can help your relationship make it through difficult times.


  • Planning the vacation around important events such as your anniversary can add special meaning to the entire trip.
  • Referring to the trip as your "second honeymoon" can make it more appealing and romantic.


  • Don't agree to this type of vacation unless you're willing to try to solve problems during the trip.

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Tell us: Is there a step that we missed? Have you ever taken a vacation to solve your relationship problems? If so, how did it work out?

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