How Would You Describe Your Sex Life — in One Word?

Yowza: Nearly a quarter of U.S. adults describe their sex lives at "hot" and "orgasmic." Below, check out all the other words 1,000 adults chose to describe their sex lives for Trojan's 2009 Pleasure Survey.

Average - 23%
Are you really average? What's really going on in other couples' bedrooms? We got the scoop from more than 2,500 women in our sex survey. Read the no-holds-barred results!

Hot - 23%
Okay, it's hot, but want to make your sex life sizzle? Become a sexual goddess with 12 easy moves to make your sex life even hotter!

Orgasmic - 22%
Already orgasmic? Why not double (or triple) your pleasure in bed? Here's how to have multiple orgasms - or at least have fun trying.

Predictable - 19%
Always in the same positions? Add the smallest twists to your favorites to deliver a bigger bang for your buck with these 10 new sex positions to try.

Non-existent - 17%
Men always want sex. That's the message you hear from your friends, from talk-show experts, from TV sitcoms. Except when they don't. Are you a sex-starved wife? Here's how to change the "I'm hot, he's not" dynamic in your relationship.

Steamy - 17%
We combed through our articles for the hottest tips, sultriest bedroom moves, and most surprising advice to your secret sex questions. The result? This collection of tips from our 40 steamiest sex articles, sure to shake up your between-the-sheets routine.

Wild - 14%
That gasp of surprise, a sensory rush, the tingly feeling all over your body, those subsequent devilish grins: There's nothing more exhilarating than adding a dash of spice to your lust life. Let loose in the bedroom with these 101 ways to drive him totally wild.

Explosive - 13%
Anger can be a surprising turn-on you can't ignore - so, let it arouse you! Here are seven EXPLOSIVE makeup-sex strategies that have worked for wives who've found that it's better to give (and receive!) than to withhold.

Experimental - 11%
A truly amazing sexual connection encompasses lots of different kinds of sex - maybe even ones you wouldn't expect. If you like to experiment, work your way through these 8 Kinds of Sex Every Couple Should Try. There's nothing like the moment when you're lying naked with the man you've known and loved for a long time, panting and puffing, thinking, Wow, we've never done that before.

Ho-hum - 10%
Ho-hum sex? Resolve to make it better! Our 12 Resolutions for a Great Sex Life show you how to get in touch with your sexier (and happier!) self so you can have passionate, mind-blowing sex every day of the year.

Tolerable - 10%

It's all too easy to let everyday life (stress, boredom, kids) get in the way of sex. But making love with your man is essential to keeping your couple connection strong. Learn how to reawaken your desire - and why "Just do it!" should be your new mantra.

Lukewarm - 9%
Foreplay isn't just a tepid warm-up
, it's where it's at. When else can you devote 100% of your efforts to getting in tune with each other's bodies and all but guarantee that what follows next will be hotter than you'd ever imagined? Here are some fun ways to prolong the agony and get him all riled up!

Depressing - 9%
If your sex life is making you sad, it might be time to try some of the things super-happy couples do in bed...

Scheduled - 9%
Tired of trying to pencil in some action with your man? How about a spontaneous quickie for a change of pace? Here are 6 ways to make quickie sex even more sexy!

Oscar-worthy - 6%
Ever notice that sex in the movies is always totally awesome? Channel some heat into your sexual repertoire with Hollywood's best sex secrets.

Sleep-inducing - 6%
Come nighttime we're often wound up, wiped out and wondering how anyone can have the energy, much less the desire, for any action beyond sleep. Here's how to never be too tired for sex again.

Ice-cold - 6%

Is your sex life ice-cold? Shiver your way to sexy - a cold bite might just turn up the heat if you incorporate some ice into the action!

How does YOUR time between the sheets measure up? Don't hold back - tell us what word you'd choose to describe your sex life in the comments!

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