How You Really Feel About Valentine's Day

Does February 14 make you feel ecstatic or neurotic? Every astrological sign has a different way of responding to Valentine's Day. Find out how your sign tends to handle this much-anticipated day of sweet whispers, gorgeous bouquets ... and occasional odd displays.

You're determined to receive the most cards, candy and flowers. Who says sending roses to yourself doesn't count?

No date, junk food for dinner and nothing but reality TV all night? Relax, it was just a bad dream. Only the best for the Bull.

You accept two dates for the night, and then make backup plans with your friends in case you decide to dodge your suitors.

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There's nothing like heart art, a home-cooked meal and a freshly made bed to get you going. Martha Stewart who?

The single red rose some admirer left on your windshield displeases you. Clearly you're worth at least a dozen.

You refuse to share your box of chocolates -- what if someone tries to taste test them? Or worse, someone sneezes on your flowers.

You write valentines to everyone you know: your hairdresser, your fourth grade teacher, your manicurist, your manicurist's cousin …. You don't want anyone to feel left out.

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Why go out for a fancy dinner when you already have dessert waiting at home? Your lover is in for a hot Scorpio sex session.

You can't commit to sending a card -- what if the recipient reads too much into it? You fake temporary amnesia to avoid acknowledging the holiday.

Quite frankly, red roses and syrupy sentiments bore you. Besides, nothing says love like a new iPhone.

Manufactured holidays aren't your cup of decaffeinated herbal tea, but consuming a few vegan chocolates doesn't make you a conformist, does it?

You live for this stuff! The world would be such a better place if we could all just hold hands and share heart-shaped cookies every day.

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