Hunk of the Month: The Kraft Zesty Guy


Where you've seen him:

Before he was the Zesty guy, he was all oiled up in ab-tastic fitness spreads for mags like "Men's Health." Now he's encouraging us to "Get Zesty" as the shirtless Kraft Zesty salad dressing guy - he's heating up online memes and lounging about in a two-page Burt Reynolds-style sexy centerfold in major women's magazines.

Quirky Anderson facts:

What's the best comment you've gotten about being the "sexy salad dressing guy"?

The most common one is no matter what I do, whether it's going to order a pizza or something, people will ask me, "Hey, so are you keeping it zesty?" It doesn't get old - I think it's funny!

Before you moved to L.A. to pursue acting, you were a college baseball player. Can you talk a little bit about those days?

[Joking.] Oh, my gosh, you're bringing back the bad memories of the team bus rides. As a baseball player, I just remember excruciating long, long bus rides. You're packed on a bus with, like, 35 other guys, so you can imagine 12-to-18-hour drives with 35 guys. You don't get to see females too often.

What was your best skill on the field?

I was really great at hitting. Does that sound cocky?

Definitely not! And we like the sound of you being cocky. What does it feel like to hit a home run?

It's an amazing feeling. You see it on TV, and you see the guy swinging, and it looks like he's swinging hard, but in reality when you're up there, and you hit the ball, and you hit a home run, and you hit it perfectly, it feels like you didn't even touch the ball. It just comes off the bat, and the bat makes this beautiful kind of shotgun sound, and it feels like nothing happened. And then the ball just takes off.

What's something about you that people might be surprised to know?

I can pack up a little 12-foot aluminum boat and sit on a lake for 24 hours, fishing, playing country music, and be perfectly fine with that. I like bass fishing, but I'm also a fan of trout and catfish. At night you just get to sit there and put a bell on your pole and wait for that thing to ring, and in the meantime, you're just BS'ing and chatting with your buddies.

What do you look for in a significant other?

That's such a good question! I think what a lot of guys look for is someone that is understanding, compassionate, and caring, and more than anything you can just relate to. I think that's one of the most important recipes in a relationship or a boyfriend or girlfriend. You guys just have a lot of common ground, and you can laugh at each other. Laughter is the key, because there are so many times in life where things aren't going great. If you can laugh about it, you'll get through it.

Anderson, you can ring our little bell anytime...

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