What Your Husband's Thinking when He Sees You Naked, Now

Yes, what he sees has changed, but that doesn't mean how he feels about you has. By Holly Corbett, REDBOOK.

"After being married for half a decade and having two kids, I still look at my wife each and every day and am amazed at how hot she is. I always think, 'Thank goodness I am an overachiever!'" - Mike B., 42

"How did I get so lucky? Of all the men in the world she picked me. Woot Woot!" - Ben Y., 36

"When I see my bride of 16 years naked, I think of poetry in motion! I invested in a high-end photographer for her 40th birthday. He took some stunning nude photos-one is on our wall in the bedroom. We both believe in living happily ever after and - in spite of two young children and a thriving business - we both do our best to stay lean and fit for ourselves and each other." - Evan Money, 42, who is remarrying his wife in different state or country every year and documenting it on EvanLovesSusan.com

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"When I look at my four-months pregnant wife, I'm very proud of her for dealing with all the changes happening to her body. She looks gorgeous and her bigger boobs are a definite bonus!" - Leo F., 37

"When I'm naked and talking about how my body is not young and tight anymore and about all its flaws, he just puts his arms around me and says 'What flaws? You are totally gorgeous and I love your body.' When someone you love says that to you, it makes you feel like the sexiest woman alive." - Misty M. Morse, via Facebook

"Sometimes I miss how tight her stomach was before she had kids. But it's a double-edged sword because her body created our two beautiful boys, and her time is now spent raising them and working full time instead of at the gym like it was before." - Paul B., 39

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"My wife and I are in our 21st year of marriage. When I see her, I think several things: She's held up better than me, for the most part. We both need to exercise more! I hope she doesn't complain about her breasts sagging again - I don't really care if they sag as long as they're there and healthy. I wonder if she's in the mood…" - Andy G., 44

"My thoughts on seeing my wife naked now can range widely. Sometimes my thought is, 'Wow, it is amazing that, even in her late thirties, and having had two kids, she still looks like a Playboy centerfold.' Sometimes my eyes will zoom in on the cellulite and I'll think about how unfortunate it looks. And sometimes I'll just start ruminating - not necessarily in a sad way - about the fact that, during the early days of our relationship, the mere sight of her breasts would drive me wild, but now she's walking around our bedroom topless and it doesn't turn me on at all." - Jared P., 43

"My wife still has an amazing body and it's always a turn-on. However, the only change I can honestly say now that we're married is that the thrill of hunting is gone once it's yours! That aspect of animal sensuality is lost when you know there is no challenge." - Mark D., 36*

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"I've had 14 surgeries along with two vertical c-sections. When standing in front of the mirror, nude and self-conscious, I'll ask my husband what he thinks of my 'road map' of an abdomen. He looks at me like I'm crazy, and has said those scars kept me alive and also helped me bring life into our world. All this from a man I've been with since we were teens!" - Michelle Vegh Martin, via Facebook

"I think that my wife's body looks and feels virtually the same now as it did before kids…Although she's a little wider around the hips, it's actually helped fill her out more. Frankly, she looks fantastic with a larger booty." - Steve S., 35

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