I can see us holding hands, walking on the beach our toes in the sand....

Her. 5'8, built like an athlete who works harder than the normal basketball player. Eyes, eyes that are brown with warmth and love that can make you feel like you can walk around the world and not even know what you just did. What I am dealing with people.

Today, I had set my sight on spending some time with her. I had some writing and meeting to attend to. The work of a writer is never done apparently. Anyway, about two this afternoon she texted me to let me know she was in the office. I was with a friend talking business, relaxing. I was glad to hear from her so I wrapped up things with my friend and drove to her office. I had told her that it would take no more than fifteen minutes but then it took a little longer. In all honesty she was looking forward to seeing me as much as I was looking forward to seeing her. How do I know? She was cleaning when I got there, knowing that I would of did it when I got there because of my dislike for dust.

I went inside in her office, she met me at the door looking, frankly, damn beautiful. I actually heard myself tell her outloud that she looked nice. I don't know if she heard me or not but I think she did because a smile came across her face. She had on a dress that hugged and showed off all the right body parts. I was sure her right boob was going to fall out. I did my best not to look. I did not want her to catch me looking at her chest. But seriously her boobs were ready to come over and talk to me. I debated for ten minutes in my head whether or not I should tell her but I did not. I made sure I focused on her face.

I stayed with her for nearly two hours. Talking, regular conversation, nothing earth shattering. We locked eyes, the kind of lock that you are looking into a person's eyes to see what they are thinking. So I began to talk through my eyes, letting her know how beautiful she is. She would look back with the same admiration. When I would stare without saying a word, she would smile the kind of smile you smile when you like someone. I would smile the same smile back.

I walked her out to her car since she was officially off her job now. She stood and talked to me some more. I wanted to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I should have but I didn't. Whenever she would ask me to run some errands with her around the apartment complex we walked side by side. This one instance we were finishing up some errand and she walks over to me(i was waiting) and in her low voice said, "thanks sweetie". Anything for you...with that in my mind I should of kissed her.

I found out that she has gone on my facebook page and did some reading on what I do. You don't read up on another person that you are not interested in or curious about.