I still love my ex-girlfriend, is there any hope for a second chance?

Me and my ex were together for a year and a half. We didn't fight that often and were very good to each other. We now are broken up and when it first happened I did get mad and say things that I regret. I have apologized and have not really talked to her.

We work together a few times a week. When we interact it is always friendly and polite and sometimes flirtatious, though she says its just for show.

When she broke up with me she was under a lot of stress from school and work and mutual friend said it was a bad idea on her part and that I was the easiest thing to drop. .

Its been 4 months she had a rebound that treated her like s*** that lasted for about 5 weeks and she has been talking to guys that treat her the same since then. And for the most part they have been low lives and not been good for her.

Things have been a lot better recently. She said we could start talking again and i'm taking it slow. We have even hung out a couple of times together with the mutual friend. It seems though she still doesn't want to hang out one on one yet. I don't know what to say or what to do to win her back. or how to make that next step.

Recently I told her that i still care for her and wish to make her happy and feel special. And that I would do anything to do it (I know it comes off a little desperate). She got mad at it and I told her that I felt like a douche for how i treated her after the break up. We haven't talked outside of work for since i said those things. And we stopped doing things as a group for the time being.

That was about a month ago since then shes gotten in touch with me a couple times through txt messages (our usual method of comunication be for the break up) and im we've also went to see a movie with a friend and her boyfriend. When i try to continue the conversation asking about her day and what not she usually doesn't respond. When we work together we screw around and flirt like before I told her I still cared about her.

Any advice on what to do to keep things progressing? I am takeing things slow and trying not to get ahead of my self She also is graduating at the end of the month, so i'm hoping that will clear some of her stress.

Please don't tell me to move on