Ignorant About the Ways of Marriage?

Being a single, never-married babe, I admit that there are many things about marriage that I just don't know or understand. Like how I could have been expected to pick one guy, one, and stay with him for the rest of my life. And this one: why married women stay with their cheating husbands who, by the way, vowed not to do that.
Whenever there's a public scandal about cheaters, I always wait for the news that the woman has left. Usually she doesn't though. Elin Nordegren- Woods and Jenny Sanford are my heroes. They packed up their shit and got the hell out of Dodge when Tiger and Mark misbehaved. I know better than to make a declaration about what I'd do in a situation I've never been in but, I swear, I believe I would leave if my (non-existent) husband cheated on me more than once. Maybe even if just once.
But lots of married women don't leave. And I don't get it. Which brings me to today's blog post. Recently, I dated a newly-divorced guy who puzzles me. In two ways. And our conversations are what remind me of how ignorant I am about the ways of marriage. He told me two things that completely befuddled me: 1. That he stayed married for 38 years to a woman he never loved. 2. So he cheated in order to feel what he needed to feel.
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