In-your-Facebook: the social network of revenge

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A broken heart and a Facebook account is a bad combination--especially if you live in New Zealand. Twenty year-old Joshua Simon Ashby, was just sentenced to four months in jail after posting nude photos of his ex-girlfriend one particularly vengeful (and drunken) night. It was a cruel move on his part, but hardly the first of its kind. Ever since its inception, the site has had a history of inspiring revenge when placed in the wrong hands...or in the hands of someone with a sixth can of beer in his hand. Consider the hall of fame-rs, but don't copy them. The following is considered cruel and unusual punishment.

Brotherly hate: After his sister ratted him out for hiding beer in his room, one pissed-off brother concocted the ultimate evil plan. He dug up and scanned in his sisters "wish list" of boys she wanted to date, complete with doodled hearts, and then posted it on her Facebook profile. Everyone, I mean everyone on the internet, saw it.

T.M.I. Message: One British woman got revenge on her ex by blasting a Facebook message to all of his 500+ friends detailing exactly why he's a lazy, good-for nothing jerk. Here' s one reason, according to the woman, porn.

Friend-bombs away:
When a dad decided to keep tabs on his teenage son, Sam, by creating his own Facebook account, his plan backfired. That's because Sam, it seems, is a genius. He created a group called "friend my father" and pretty soon everyone in his high school was sending requests to his dad with comments like "waddup mr shcwartz? how it goes" and "r u a journalist or a writer? is there a difference?" It was a risky, military-grade strategy, but his friend-bombing did throw his dad off guard. "Mainly what I wonder, as the new requests pop up one after another, is what parents will think if they discover that I am part of their teenagers' network of friends. I worry that two terrifying words will come to mind: Mark Foley," the retreating father wrote back on his own turf, a.k.a. The New York Times.

Hackers' vendetta: "My Ex-Girlfriend Cheated on me… Here is my revenge!" read the status update that spread like wildfire across Facebook. Only the few with monk-like restraint avoided the ripple effect that followed. When you clicked on the status link, it became your status update and so on and so on. The only way to halt the epidemic was to change your password, and that's always a bummer. So who was really getting revenge? Hackers? Disgruntled Facebook employees? A jealous ex-girlfriend of Marc Zuckerberg? Whoever they are, they should leave us out of it.

Not cute to judge: After a business dispute with his former school buddy, a British man created a fake Facebook page vilifying his newly Christened arch-rival. He also created a Facebook group asking others if they've been lied to by his former pal. Sounds pretty cruel, but it didn't compare to the five-figure lawsuit he was slapped with for libel and breach of privacy.

A bad case of Beiber fever: One guy's roommate hacked into his profile and made him a fan of every single Justin Beiber page in existence. For the record: there are a lot of Justin Beiber fan pages.