How Can I Increase My Energy for Sex?

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Dear Em & Lo,

Both me and my husband are worn out by the end off the day but weekends are great. What can we do for the energy during the week?

- School Night Blues

Dear School Night Blues,

Have morning sex! Some people prefer that kind of wake up - it can be better than coffee! You should also make sure you're going to bed early enough to get enough sleep to give you enough energy throughout the day.

And we can't stress enough how what kind of diet you have and how much you exercise you're doing (or not doing) can affect your sex life. If you're eating healthy, exercising and staying fit, your going to want sex more and your going to enjoy sex more. If you eat a lot of junk food and are a couch potato, then you probably wont have as much energy for sex, not to mention the limberness and body confidence to get into some of the more fun positions!

And don't forget about quickies. You may not have the energy for Tantric marathon seshes, but a lazy quickie at any time of day may be all you need. Figure out a quickie routine that you both love: a surefire handwork technique, perhaps a position combined with a toy, basically whatever gets you to your happy place quickly and with minimal effort.

Goooooo sex!

- Em & Lo

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