The Insider Scoop: What Really Happens on the Honeymoon?

by Brides Staff

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Quite possibly even more exciting than the wedding itself is the honeymoon-the one time in your life you and your brand-new hubby can get away and spend time together, just the two of you. No matter where you travel to-the Caribbean, Europe, a mountain-top log cabin-we all know what's rumored to go down during your days away. To demystify what should happen, what does happen, and what will happen, we turned to 138 newlyweds for some serious insider scoop. Here, all you need to know about the most exciting, lovey-dovey, carefree time in your life:

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We asked: How many times did you, ahem, get busy?

Majority of new Mr. and Mrs., 32 percent of the newlyweds we polled, said they got down once a day. 28 percent said that they were intimate every couple of days, while another 28 percent answered more than once a day. A mere six percent said the magic happened only once on the trip. Finally, another sliver of six percent said zero-they were so tired from the wedding.

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As for the honeymoon planning, who organizes activity, travel, and accommodations?

41 percent of brides said that they figured out all of the logistics, 18 percent claimed he did, while another 41 percent said it was a team effort.

What do you think is the best extra to splurge on?

Forget room service, 46 percent of just-married couples say to splurge on activities and tours (think: surfing, scuba diving, hiking, etc).

Did you discover anything new about your husband on your honeymoon?

Surprisingly, 21 percent said yes! "He likes spa treatments as much as I do," one bride dished. "He is excellent at driving on winding country roads," another bride revealed. "We should not go sea kayaking together," a third bride admitted.

Lastly, any honeymoon advice?

"Turn off your phone," one bride sagely advised. "You don't have to go far to have an awesome trip!" another bride tipped off. "This is the one time your boss will be generous, so take as much vacation time as you can," a third bride pointed out. "Spoil yourselves," a fourth bride reminded us. "You'll never have another honeymoon!

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