Do I Have to Invite All My Co-Workers to My Wedding?

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Guests lists are tough. That's why we're here to help you navigate all the logistics of who to invite (and who to leave off your list). Whatever question you have about family, friends, and wedding-crashers, we're ready with an answer!

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I work in an office with only five other people, and my wedding has been a major topic of conversation over the past year. Do I have to invite everyone, or just my boss?

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Keeping the guest count under control is a challenge for every bride. If you worked in a much larger office or had been tight-lipped about your plans, you could get away with just inviting your boss (or in a big company, just your department). But think about it: How would you feel if your co-workers had been talking about a party for a year-and then didn't invite you? Same holds true here. Because you've been chatting up your wedding, and because you're part of such a small staff, you've got to invite the whole crew. Five people isn't that many in the whole scheme of things. One way you can keep a lid on the number is to only invite escorts for single guests who are in long-term relationships.

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