Is 21 too young to get married?

Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesJason Merritt/Getty ImagesKevin Jonas, the oldest Jonas Brother, is engaged to his girlfriend, Danielle Deleasa, after two years of dating. The couple met while vacationing with their families in the Bahamas. 21-year-old Jonas flew directly from his concert in Vancouver to Deleasa's New Jersey home to propose. "It was tough performing last night, knowing that I was going to ask the biggest question in my life to the most amazing girl in the world," he says. Sure, popping the question is nerve-wracking, but could Jonas be extra nervous because he is very young? And more specifically, one who wears a promise ring?

"Our hearts are filled with joy today and we are happy to share with you that our son Kevin has asked Danielle for her hand in marriage," say Kevin's parents in a statement. "Family is very dear to us, and we hope we have raised Kevin to be a wonderful man and husband. Please join us in our family's celebration and in congratulating Kevin and Danielle. Thank you for all of your support." We're happy Jonas has the blessing of his parents, but we can't help but view him as the clean cut and virginal pop star with prepubescent fans. Will teens still have crushes on him when he's married? Will he, as a role model, encourage more youngsters to want to get married at a young age?

Generations ago, 21 was a very common age to get married, but as times change, priorities shift, divorce rates grow, and people desire to play the field before settling down, the average age for marriage has increased to 26 years old for women and nearly 28 for men. These days, it seems more common for people to date for a longer period of time to make sure the relationship will last, if they even marry at all.

Do you think a 21-year-old guy really knows what he wants and who he wants to be with for the rest of his life? [People][USA Today]