Is bridal lingerie as important as the dress?

Freaky MartinFreaky Martin
"Pictures of brides in their underwear" just about sums up the artistic direction behind the prolific collection of photography Freaky Martin has assembled on his blog. And while the images aren't exactly pornographic--heya guys, hurry, I think I saw one or two naked breasts over there!--there is something oddly compelling about the whole under roo smorgasbord. Also, while many look like some overzealous mom snapped the pic, a lot of them feature the bride standing there, proudly posing in her undies, while the bridesmaids are all huddled around fawning over her. Is this part of the wedding documentation a tradition I've somehow missed all these years? Too weird. While some of the undergarments are your pretty standard, support staff fare, a few are fussy and complicated enough to get me wondering if perhaps some ladies spend as much time picking out their lacy lingerie as they do the wedding dress. Was what you wore underneath memorable? And if it's true that most couples don't actually have sex the night of the wedding, isn't it crazy disappointing if homeboy passes out before seeing the specially picked out goods?