Is happiness possible with a man?

Once the bloom is off the rose, some (OK, most) relationships enter the lukewarm zone. He wants sex. You would rather watch Desperate Housewives. You love gabbing about that bitchy girl at work. He would rather watch sports. So... are men and women really compatible? More importantly, is happiness possible with a man?

I remember being a child, going to the diner with my parents every Sunday morning for brunch and looking at the couples around us, sitting across from each other, not speaking a word to one another, waiting impatiently for their food to be served. Even at 8 years old, I swore to myself -- when I got married, my husband and I would never run out of things to say and never sit across from one another. We'd sit on the same side all cozied up.We'd be one of those forever married couples who fifty years in, would still be gazing into one another's eyes longingly, feeling that romantic fire in our bellies, gently caressing the other's arm while puttering around the kitchen and finishing each other's sentences.

Then I got married. No, this will not be a column about bashing marriage, lamenting about how hard it is for two people of the opposite sex to live together on a daily basis, because well that's obvious. Just our differing toilet seat styles could cause me to go off on a three-page rant. There have been countless times I've fallen into the toilet bowl at 3 a.m. because I believed that after nagging my husband to put the seat down after he used it, well, he would. And, of course, he didn't and doesn't. Or the fact that my husband feels it's perfectly acceptable to wear the same pair of jeans for at least a month and tells me that my need to wash them every other day is ruining them. I on the other hand, prefer to think of it more as my desire to simply be clean.

But I wonder if the basic differences between men and women, which run so much deeper than putting the toilet seat down, can be detrimental to their ability to truly find happiness in their union?

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