Is he really into you? How to find out

Ok, ladies, we've all probably read the book, and some of us have even seen the movie, but for some reason females STILL don't seem to get the point when a guy is not interested. So I just want to break down a couple of things to look for, so that you can stop chasing him like a lost puppy!

1. He only texts you.
This always causes a debate amongst people, because there are so many excuses people can give as to why they don't pick up the phone and call. I've heard them all: "He's always at work", "He never really liked to talk on the phone", "He's always around other people and don't like his business getting out". There is absolutely NO excuse why a guy cannot pick up the phone and talk to you at least once or twice a day! It doesn't matter if you work 3 or 4 jobs, the same time it takes to text someone, they could pick up the phone and say "I just wanted to see how your day was going." Stop lying to yourself, texting should NOT be your primary or ONLY source of communication.

2. He chooses hanging out with his boys over you.
Now, don't get me wrong; there's nothing wrong with a guy wanting to hang out with his friends. I have no problem with the male bonding stuff. However, if the guy is hanging out with his friends every night that he has free time, and has not asked to take you out, he's not interested. Let's be honest, no guy is going to hang out with their friends every night, if they're interested in a female. Most guys balance their time very well between chilling with the boys and hanging out with a lady. If this is imbalanced, you need to recognize the pattern, and keep it moving. No need complaining to him about the lack of time spent with you...he already knows, he just..doesn't want to chill with you like that.

3. He only hangs out with/calls you late at night.
Ladies, ladies! We all know what this means.....BOOTYCALL!!! If the only time he seems to pick up the phone and call you, or have time to hang out with you is at night, especially after 11pm, he's interested, but not in you as a person...he's more interested in trying to get into your pants. And let us not forget...JUST BECAUSE A GUY WILL HAVE SEX WITH YOU DOES NOT MEAN HE LIKES YOU...IT MAY NOT EVEN MEAN HE LIKES YOUR SEX.....HE LIKES THE AVAILABILITY YOU PROVIDE.

4. The only dates you get are dark places, or dates that include other people.
Ok, we're not in middle school anymore, so it's not mandatory that we go on chaperoned dates, or dates that include five or six other people. Bowling or hitting the bar with a crowd of people may be fun and less formal than a romantic dinner, but honestly that really doesn't constitute as a real "date". If you find that you are only hanging out with your guy at these kind of settings, be aware that you may just be a sympathy date. He may be trying to lose you in the crowd, or make the date seem way less serious. Also, and I may be a bit picky with this one, the dark, dim lit areas could be another giveaway. If you're only taken out at night to half empty restaurants, movies, or if you're constantly being told "let's just watch a movie at your/my place", it could be one of the following:
a)He may not think you're attractive
b) He may be embarrassed to be seen by his friends with you
c) he may be hiding out in places that his girlfriend/wife/other chicks won't be at, to avoid drama