Is It OK To Fantasize About Another Man?

By GalTime Relationship Expert, Jane Greer, Ph.D.

Dear it ok to have fantasies of other people even though I'm married? I love my husband, but do think about other men sometimes. When is it OK...and when is it NOT OK to fantasize? I would never cheat so I don't know why it happens. Sometimes, it's men I know...and sometimes it's Hollywood types. Please help...I feel guilty.

ANSWER: Absolutely, It's OK to fantasize! That's why they are called' fantasies ', because they are all in your mind and that's where they stay!! It's not only OK to fantasize whenever you would like, it's also a positive and healthy was to infuse your love life with sexy energy that can keep your love life active and dynamic!

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Change is oftentimes necessary to some degree to keep people interested in all the things they do. It keeps things fresh and feeling new, whic, for lots of people, is very exciting. This is especially true when it comes to sex. The power of a fantasy is that you can create and mix all the different ingredients that arouse you and put up in the mood for being with your partner.

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Fantasizing about other men that you find attractive or find you hot will make you FEEL hot and it's that sexuality that you want to bring to bed with you to share with your lover. When you fantacize about enticing a Hollywood celebrity, it means you're sizzling!! So go ahead and enjoy yourself, leave the guilt behind because it will definitely make sex more fun for both of you! The most important thing to remember is that a fantasy is just that... PRETEND! Be aware of the ones you are having to make sure that that they are never actualized and acted out in real life if they involve other people or would cause damage to your relationship.

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When you use them as a turn-on for your love life... feel free to let your fantasies take you away! What questions do you have about your relationship? Go ahead, ask or email!!

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