Is the recession good for your love life?

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There's a great post in Healthy Living today about fear during uncertain times (Roosevelt's quote "We have nothing to fear but fear itself," makes even more sense within the context of economic woes), and it got me thinking about how when I lived in New York City after 9/11, what followed the disaster was a phenomenon called terror sex. Salon sums it up like this:

"Many New Yorkers recall the feelings of vulnerability, the need to connect with someone physically, the hot, sweaty sex that followed the attack on the World Trade Center last fall. It wasn't sacrilegious; we just didn't know what else to do. We clung to each other -- just sometimes without clothes. Throughout the city were echoes of screams and cries of pain, panic, despair and passion all rolled into one giant force of uncontrollable emotion like none of us have ever experienced before."

Naturally, now people are talking about the similar recession sex. Apparently, gay-hookup website Manhunt saw its biggest numbers ever on the day of the Dow crash. Gawker, referred to it as "depression sex" in a post called "Just Got Laid Off, Now Looking to Get Laid," and Nerve published an article about why the downturn has certain romantic upsides called "10 Reasons the Recession Will Rock Your Love Life."

"We know that during recessions that 'cheap' entertainment usually does well-TV, movies, etc.-but the guys at Manhunt think their "cheap entertainment" is even more of a bargain. Just think: For the same price as a movie ticket, you can get a month of online cruising that may just end up with hot coupling."--New York Press

Do you think cheap sex is becoming more prevalent as well? Are you making romantic lemonade out of your economic lemons? Soooo, spill it...

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