Jesse James and Kat Von D split. When breakups are good news.

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)Is it wrong to feel secretly relieved by someone else's breakup? Jesse James and Kat Von D have called it quits, and that's okay by me. For the most part I prefer a celebrity hook-up to a break-up, but on some rare occasions, the opposite is true.

For instance, when a serial cheater (and deranged Nazi humorist) who publicly professed to finding "true love" shortly after his brutal divorce, calls off his engagement, that feels like good news.

James didn't seem to take his kids or his ex-wife Sandra Bullock into consideration when he boasted to Howard Stern about his chemistry with Von D, or when he tweeted about his love for her or when he filmed segments of her reality show. This is all while Bullock quietly raised their newly adopted child and mourned the loss of their marriage. So it's hard to be sympathetic about his broken heart. In fact a little time not in a relationship might do him some good. As for Von D, she probably dodged a bullet.

Just like with friends, there are bad celebrity breakups and good celebrity breakups. Usually the rules for good break-ups are as follows: when one party is cruel, abusive or a plain old jerk with an undeserved amount of luck in love, when both parties are overly boastful at other people's expense, and when no children are involved. These are the splits that bring a secret joy to those on the periphery. It's not that you want someone to suffer, but lessons need to be learned, justice needs to be served and jerks need to be ditched eventually.

When it happens to a friend, there's a sweet relief knowing someone you love is avoiding future heartbreak, also that you don't have to hang out with the guy anymore. When it happens to a celebrity couple, it's not so different. No more paparazzi orchestrated PDA, no more public love tweets, no more wedding planning stories planted in tabloids, and no more watching an unhealthy relationship play out for reality show ratings.

To be clear: not all celebrity break-ups fall into the good category. Love them or hate them, the J.Lo and Marc breakup was kind of sad. They've got two young kids and a long history together. Their divorce, snowed in by media attention and millions in joint assets, isn't going to be easy on anyone.

But Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler calling off their engagement? Fine by me. Another reality star who's always inviting us into her romantic life, Cavallari seemed to thrive on games, reeling in popular meatheads like an expert angler. Maybe a little heartbreak will bring maturity, a deeper connection or at least a better cover story on Life and Style magazine than "Kristen's Dream Wedding."

Another split I'm secretly pleased with: "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'" Taylor and Russell. We watched their unhealthy marriage play out publicly on the series: he disrespected her relentlessly almost shockingly, and she took it. Now she's leaving him. Sadly their pre-teen daughter is caught in the middle. But based their televised marital wars, staying together wouldn't necessarily create a healthier environment for her.

So I'll admit it: when I read they planned to divorce, I filed it under good celebrity breakup.

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