Jon & Kate Separation: Due to Jon's Midlife Crisis?

I just finished watching the "big announcement" episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Everyone knows by now that the two of them are getting a divorce. People say it's because Kate is a shrew. Others say it's because fame has proven too much for the couple. I'm sure it's a combination of both, however, I also think that Jon is exhibiting the classic signs of a midlife crisis.

In the past months, Jon has purchased a Harley, changed his wardrobe (lots of trendy, expensive, Ed Harley clothing) and allegedly found a 23-year-old mistress. He also skipped Kate's 34th birthday to see the Annual Pond Skimming Race in Park City, UT with his alleged mistress - Deanna Hummel.

"Jon is only 32, but with 8 children, a hit television show and more, he may feel as if his youth has passed before his eyes," says Susan Chandly, a Boston-based psychotherapist. "He may be striving to get some of that time back."

The piece of information that sparked me to write this article is that Jon has been seen apartment hunting Manhattan. As in New York. His children live in Pennsylvania. It seems odd to me that a person with 8 children would want to pick up and move to a different state so soon after filing for separation. So that led me to think that he just isn't thinking like an adult?

I don't know. What do you guys think?