Kate Upton and Diddy: Why Is No One Talking About Their 23-Year Age Difference?

Is this true love? (Photo by Getty Images)Rumor alert: According to the New York Daily News, supermodel Kate Upton and rapper Sean Combs are dating. The paper reports that not long after Upton broke up with Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, she's been spotted sucking face with Combs at a Miami club and not long after, sharing an intimate dinner with the rapper at restaurant Gemma in New York City.

Whether or not this pair is the real deal, they certainly have enough in common to make out for an evening: Both are ridiculously rich, beautiful, and famous. But let's not forget: There's a whopping 23-year difference between the Michigan-born supermodel and the hip-hop mogul from the Bronx. Let's explore this.

When Upton was in diapers, Bad Boy vs. Death Row was making headlines. Just after Upton had mastered solid foods, Combs's first son Justin was born (he and Upton are only six months apart). When Upton was seven, Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez were hot and heavy. Upton turned 15 when she first became employed at a modeling agency; that same year Combs oversaw a staff at his restaurant Justin's. In 2012, Combs bought a home equipped with a wine cellar; Upton isn't legally allowed to drink.

Older men hooking up with younger women is hardly new and most of these relationships can be chalked up to Social Exchange Theory; simply put, couples often use subconscious judgment calls when they first meet. A woman may not be that mature but if she offers beauty and fertility, a man may not mind the age gap. Likewise, a guy might be old enough to be a woman's father, but if he has the resources to provide, well, from an evolutionary P.O.V., that's sexy.

For Upton and Combs, they may seem like an odd twosome (What do they talk about over dinner?) but there have been stranger pairings (Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne, anyone?), and their star power just may be enough to keep them together. For now, let the power couple names begin! K-Daddy? P-Upton? Pupton?