Ken and Barbie call it quits: Did he like her better as the dumb blonde?

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have called it quits after two years of dating. A source close to the couple states they Tony broke up with Jessica a night before her 29th birthday, July 1oth. The theme of the party was Ken and Barbie.

Jessica Simpson has recently signed on to do the reality show, The Price of Beauty. With a friend, Jessica scours the country in search of what people perceive as beautiful. She will even attempt some of the things people do in order to become more beautiful. With football season kicking off very soon and the pressure Tony Romo will be under especially when dealing with The Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, could the pressures of careers become to much?

In better times, Jessica told Glamour magazine, "He reintroduced me to myself. I thought that I had to be deeper, more profound and more artsy. You change with the guys you date."

I thought I had to be deeper, more profound and artsy? You change with the guys you date? He reintroduced my to myself? To me this sounds like Tony Romo liked her to be the ditsy blonde we have all come to loathe instead of a woman searching to become a better person.

Who have you changed for? Did it come back to bite you in the butt?