Get in the Kitchen ... And 6 More "charming" Ways to Celebrate National Housewives Day

Housewife. I don't know why but that word feels very minimizing to me. I'm sure not everyone who uses that word means it in a derogatory manner, but I can't help but think bad things when I hear it. Yesterday, I heard from a company called Voli Spirits. They sent me tweets and posted on my Facebook wall with lovely words about the work I do at Postpartum Progress, which I really appreciate. But then I clicked the links and saw that this is all part of a Voli Spirits campaign called "Housewife Heroes." Cringe. Well okay, I thought, they're still being nice so I'll just overlook the fact that they're calling me a housewife. Then I read their description of Housewife Heroes: "… about house wives who do more than just sit at home - they take care of kids, have a job, clean the house, and everything in between." More than just sit at home? Everything in between? For a minute, I thought I was stuck in the midst of an episode of Mad Men. Did Don Draper and Roger Sterling convince you that tying a marketing campaign to National Housewives Day on November 3rd is a solid idea? I could rail against this. Instead, I think I'll roll with it. Here are 7 ideas to make your National Housewives Day the best ever. - By Katherine Stone


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