How Do I Know If My Kink is Normal?

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Is my kink normal? About 12 years ago a woman I was seeing very casually at the time masturbated me with a pair of her tights wrapped around her hands. Apart from the feel of the soft nylon rubbing against me, the orgasm was the most intense I have ever had. Since then I have longed to have this done to me again. And I've fantasized about being masturbated by a woman's feet clad in tights or stockings.

However, having brought it up with my ex, she found it pervy and unnatural and this was one of the reasons she ditched me after threatening to expose this information on Facebook (I have since blocked her and cancelled my account). Still, it is the one thing I would love to experience again, the so-called nylon handjob, or a footjob.

Any ideas on how to approach a future partner about my love for nylons in this regard?

- A Tights Perv

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