Let the Boys be Boys"

Want a Happier guy in your life ? here are some things that matter to them that well you might
want to change however take in consideration that by giving them this they will
love you that much more!

1.Give them their SPACE" : guys don't like clingy, needy, smothering
they want to be able to do their hobbies, hangout with their friends, and simply just be.
" hey us girls like "our me time too! & Girls night out

2.Gaming": we all have our thing that brings us joy & so do they specially escaping into cyber space
why not encourage them to do their gaming? you will find that the more you support them and their interest they will want to be that much affectionate to you.

3.Silence is Golden": STOP the nagging and for once start listening to them , guys don't want to be suffocated with the drama. Do talk dirty they love that!

4. Wow them": just like we like to be romanced and what not return the favor and surprise him with something Sexy. Like an outfit, Lingerie, be random!

5.Get dirty": get rough, go for an intense hike with him, go paint ball shooting, do something new that is out of your norm.