Let's Get Naked

What does a guy really think the first time he sees you undressed. You'd be surprised.

Finally, after meeting so many frogs (and not even tempted to kiss any of them), you've met a man who makes your heart flutter big time. You've flirted, you've gone on a few dates, you've talked half the night, you've laughed at his jokes and he at yours. On your last date, you kissed… and kissed. And you know that on the next date, more than your lipstick will come off. You've even had the Condom Conversation.

But, your inner worrier keeps asking you, what if he sees your body and heads for the hills?

You've got to trust me on this, he's not going to say or even think any of the following:

* "Oh, gee, you have so many wrinkles!"
* "You'd be so pretty if you lost weight."
* "Huh-I thought you looked younger with clothes on."
* "I like firmer butts and perkier breasts."
* "Uh, I gotta go now."

No, whether or not he voices it out loud or conveys it with a smile or melting eyes, here's what he's thinking:

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