Life as a Military Family

I often wondered what it was like to be a military family and almost four year's ago, I got to experience it full force with my second marriage. I guess I can't really say I have experienced it fully yet as it's been only four years and we're getting ready to embark on our third move and I lost track of his deployments. Sounds funny that I can note that many moves and deployments in only four short years but this is today's Army. An Army that has our men and women going to many places to keep the world safe. It saddens me when the media outlets promote their anti-war stance by misrepresenting the United State's accomplishments. It sickens me to see the value of our heroes taken down to only being a number. It embarrasses me when we attack our own country versus applauding the sacrifices our men and women, family, children and friends make when every sincle one of them deploy.

If you seek out all the news events from different media outlets, you will find the rewards for our service to other countries. There are good deeds performed and too many to count to show the benefit versus the con. I am honored to have my life protected by such giving people and I hope for this Father's Day, you take a moment to think about the many fathers that are serving in some remote location. Perhaps suffering in the desert, eating food out of packets, missing the smile on their children's faces or the embrace from the significant others that love them.

Our country is great and our men and women serving are even greater! To my husband, my father and his four brothers (Air Force) and the countless others, Happy Father's Day!