Lighthearted Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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Did you make dinner reservations for Feb. 14, yet? If not, don't worry! Valentine's Day can be a holiday of great expectations and mild disappointment. Instead of buying into the hype with an overpriced date night, opt for a low-key outing that will bring you and your lover closer together. Here are seven lighthearted Valentine's Day ideas.

  • Trade Heels For Bowling Shoes : Let other couples compete for a spot at the trendy restaurants. Instead, head to your local bowling alley for some flirty competition.
  • Have a Fancy Lunch Instead of Dinner : Push your Valentine's date to the weekend and book a reservation for lunch at an upscale restaurant. Tasting menus are often much more affordable and the atmosphere less stuffy during the day. Plus, you won't have to worry about being too full when it comes time to hop in bed together.
  • Re-Create Your First Date : Be romantic and nostalgic at the same time by reliving your first date together on Valentine's Day. Go back to the low-key pizza joint where you first met, or rent the movie you saw in theaters. With luck, the butterflies you felt that night will return.
  • Make It a Date Night at the Museum: Embrace your inner nerd and head to a museum during the week of Valentine's Day. Many museums are open one night of the week, and some even put on Valentine's Day events. For example, the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco hosts an "Animal Attraction" event, which includes lessons on the science of sex and live music.
  • See an Old Movie : Mix up your dinner and a movie routine by checking out a retro feature at a vintage theater. It's an easy way to make the night feel unexpected and special.
  • Head to a Piano Bar : If you live in a city, chances are there is a local piano bar. Even better, find a dueling piano establishment. You're sure to enjoy an entertaining show and lots of laughter, too.
  • Take Tango Lessons : You can't deny that tango is sensual. And doing something new together is an effective way to reconnect with your partner. Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to sign up for a dance lesson!

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