Like casual sex? Then so does your mom, says study

The next time you're about to have a one-night-stand, ask yourself what would your mother do? A new study suggests if she were anything like her promiscuous kid, she'd go for it. Talk about a mood killer.

Researchers at Binghamton University found that the same gene linked to alcoholism and gambling addictions, is also linked to promiscuity. So you could actually inherit your sexual tendencies from your parents. Here's the Science-y explanation:

"What we found was that individuals with a certain variant of the DRD4 gene were more likely to have a history of uncommitted sex, including one-night stands and acts of infidelity," study researcher Justin Garcia, revealed in the journal PloS One. "The motivation seems to stem from a system of pleasure and reward, which is where the release of dopamine comes in...In cases of uncommitted sex, the risks are high, the rewards substantial and the motivation variable - all elements that ensure a dopamine 'rush.'"

In other words, your eye-color and your predilection for bedding randoms could be decided in the womb. So the next time, parents wonder why you won't settle down, you can just blame them. That'll go over well.

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