Lingerie that Will Improve Your Sex Life

Allow us to introduce you to the one gift you can buy yourself and pass off as a present for him. These naughty underthings will look smokin' hot on you...or your bedroom floor.

By Zoë Ruderman

Cosabella Marlene Bra and BikiniCosabella Marlene Bra and Bikini

The balconette style bra makes your twins perkier, the cut of the undies makes you long lean and long, and the print, well, that just makes him drool. (, $103.50 and $40)
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Calvin Klein Envy All Lace Hipster and Triangle BraCalvin Klein Envy All Lace Hipster and Triangle Bra

Perfect for small-up-top and any-size-on-bottom girls, this classic set is sexy without being skanky. In other words, it's not dirty, but it will make him think dirty thoughts. (, $32 and $44)
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Halter BabydollHalter Babydoll

Just because you stay in on a Saturday night doesn't mean you can't get decked out. Put on this "dress," a pair of heels, and have more fun than you possibly could have out on the town. (Victoria's Secret, $39)

Blush Naked Envy TeddyBlush Naked Envy Teddy

This piece is super-flattering and has a gorgeous, vintage look. It's pricey but worth every penny. $89.95,
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Charlotte Padded Bra and BriefCharlotte Padded Bra and Brief

RIP ass floss. The hottest new underwear style: granny panties. These Mad Men knickers cover up trouble spots and leave something to the imagination. And the bra looks adorable peeking out from underneath a cardigan. (, $38 and $15)

Embroidered Bustier and Bikini

Sure, lots of hooks, bows and clips means it'll take him longer to get to the main event. But we say why not make him work a little to get what he wants? (Victoria's Secret, $98 and $10)
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Scarlet Bra and ThongScarlet Bra and Thong

The rich blue shade, gorgeous lace detailing, and satiny smooth material will make him want to rip this matching set right off of you. But we highly recommend leaving it on during your next hook up session. (, $20 and $16)

Josie Ginger Lace Bra and BikiniJosie Ginger Lace Bra and Bikini

You know how guys say they want a woman who's a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed? Well, this is what that lady would wear. (, $44 and $20)
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Affinitas Half-Padded Bra and HipsterAffinitas Half-Padded Bra and Hipster

There's something so sweet about this rose-colored satin and lace set. Which will make it all the more surprising to him when you do naughty things while wearing it. (, $32 and $18)

Embellished BabydollEmbellished Babydoll

Having one of those days when you'd rather stay covered up? Leave on this easy-access number while you get busy - he never needs to know you chose it because you wanted to keep your tummy hidden! (Victoria's Secret, $58)
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Brulee Vamp Collection ChemiseBrulee Vamp Collection Chemise

The silk and translucent chemise provide your guy with a now-you-see-it now-you-don't peep show as you move around. Added bonus: you can get away with wearing it over a tank top and with jeans. Gotta love lingerie that doubles as a date night outfit. (, $160)

Brulee Cami and Tap PantBrulee Cami and Tap Pant

At the end of a long workday, you could change into sweats. Or you could put on this silk set, which is equally comfortable, but way less of a boner-kill. (, $104)
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Victoria's Secret Red Cami SetVictoria's Secret Red Cami Set

A recent study found that men are most attracted to the color red. And while we don't have scientific research to back it up, we're pretty sure something that's red and revealing will make your man's pulse race. (Victoria's Secret, $58 and $11.50)

Hanky Panky Thong RoseHanky Panky Thong Rose

A bouquet of regular flowers costs about the same. But they won't last nearly as long. They don't make men weak in the knees either. (, $25 each)

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