Looking for Love? Here are the 5 Best (and Worst) Places to Look

Valentine's Day: A Real Man's Perspective

As we come upon Valentine's Day, both a nationally dreaded and revered holiday by both those tied down as well as those in the dating pool, we have to wonder -- what makes people more successful at dating than others? And we know that we're not the only ones with this question on our minds. In fact, there were over 350,000 Google searches in January using the exact term "find love," over 90,000 more searches on "finding love," and "find true love" got another 33,000 hits this past month. If that doesn't say what's in the American subconscious, then we don't know what does.

While there are plenty of factors that make this question nearly impossible to answer, we think one's geographic location may have more than a little to do with it. After all, if you live amid cornfields in the Midwest and the nearest building within 10 miles is a gas station, it's likely to take a bit more of an effort for you to meet another single person -- much less one you actually like. So, we've scoured our resources and done a bit of research to give you our take on the top five places to find love, and the top five places to move away from and never visit again!

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Best Cities for Love:

1. New York, NY
The city that never sleeps is known for its abounding social opportunities and nightlife. With so many restaurants, bars, gyms, and a plethora of other potential meeting places, it's difficult for Manhattanites not to find someone to date, or at the least, to hook up with. Plus, with Manhattan's liberal attitude, singles are more willing to try new things for the sake of love -- take online dating for example. In Forbes' annual Best Cities for Singles data study last year, New York City ranked #1 for online dating.

Our verdict:
The more willing and open you are to look in new places for love, the more you are likely to find it. If you've ever read NYC's Craigslist personal ads, you'd know what we mean!

2. Los Angeles, CA

Forbes recently ranked the coastal city as one of the best for finding love based on several factors including the culture, online dating participation, number of singles, job opportunities, and nightlife participation, and L.A. has a lot to offer its citizens in these areas.

Our verdict:
There's just something about a beach and tanned, sunkissed skin that screams sex and attraction.

3. Denver, CO
This adventure-filled city has hit the Forbes Best Cities for Singles list multiple years in a row -- and with good reason. It ranks as one of the most affordable cities for cost of living, thus drawing a huge amount of young singles from across the country. Plus, with all of its options for outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, Denver is one of the healthier cities in the country, naturally attracting people to one another.

Our verdict: Who doesn't dream of falling in love with an outdoorsy manly-man with plenty of athletic ability to boot? Denver is like a magnet for these types of guys, so we recommend packing your bags asap.

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4. Austin, TX

Rated as Sperling's best city in the country for singles looking to date, this Texan hot spot has one of the highest percentages in the country of 18-24 year olds. Plus, youth here are more likely to spend money out at clubs and bars and on other social activities than in most other cities.

Our verdict
: Basically, the kids in Austin like to their alcohol, and they're not afraid to use it to lower their level of inhibitions when it comes to mingling with the opposite sex.

5. Boston, MA
It may be a smaller city nationally, but Boston still boasts a huge ratio of singles in relation to its total population according to Forbes. Plus, the city is upping the ante every year with employment prospects for young college graduates looking to start their careers -- it's the perfect place of opportunity for the young single demographic.

Our verdict:
We think the Harvard grads may have something to do with it. There's nothing more attractive than a person who has goals and a steady career path.

Worst Cities to Find Love:

1. New Orleans, LA:
Other sources like The Daily Beast have rated the southern city well on the finding love scale based on its social life quotient and for its large population of singles looking to jump in the dating pool.

Our verdict:
We can see how Bourbon street might be a draw for single people looking for love, but something tells us they just end up getting laid -- what with all the topless Mardi Gras- goers and tequila shots tallied on their arms. No good relationship starts off with this level of exposure.

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2. Boca Raton, FL

Yes, this is the city in which your grandparents now live -- or if you're one of the very slim population whose grandparents don't live here, then we can assure you your roommate's do -- and your parents will be next.

Our verdict:
This may be a great city to move to with your husband of 20 plus years so you can grow old together, but if you're just starting that journey, we'd steer clear of the golf course -- at best, you may spot a few silver foxes. Advice, head 45 minutes south to Miami...

3. Reno, NV

According to the Daily Beast, Reno has practically no singles in relation to the total population, has a great marriage rate, but lacks the glue to hold couples together. And to top it all off, people in Reno are not the most healthful of U.S. citizens. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Our Verdict:
Chances are that all the young singles looking for some fun hopped on a bus to nearby Las Vegas, so at least if you get stuck in Reno, you won't be too far from the party.

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4. Anchorage, AK
Based on The Daily Beast's calculations, this chilly state ranks terribly on pretty much every aspect in terms of dating, except for divorce. Meaning, the social opportunities are slim to none, the number of young singles is severely slacking, no one gets married -- but silver lining -- at least they don't get divorced!

Our verdict:
One word: freezing. You know that feeling you get in winter when all you want to do is eat your way to an extra 5 pounds and sit with blankets piled on top of your body? Well, that's never a good look for someone who's gearing up to enter the dating pool.

5. Detroit, MI
According to Sperling's Best and Worst Cities for Dating, Detroit ranks as one of cities where the least amount of jewelry is bought as gifts each year. You know what that means -- no one's falling in love, and no one's getting engaged. With their poor emotional health rating by the Daily Beast too, we're not surprised.

Our verdict:
Happy, healthy people are much more likely to fall in love -- and they're a lot more likely to drop $30,000 on an engagement ring. End of story.

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