The Love Shack: 7 Ways to Do Date Night Without Leaving Your Home

DancingDancingWhen kids enter into a family, it makes life more fun, more purposeful and more beautiful. There is no doubt that it causes a strain on the relationship you have with your partner: the time gets split up, the ability to get up and go becomes hindered and energy levels can be zapped.

That is why it is important to work on your relationship as well - keep it alive, fun and loving. Let's face it, going out on a date with kids at home can sometimes feel impossible. You have to find a babysitter you trust and it can add up to quite a lot of money once you factor in the cost of the date and the babysitter. Most of us only have time for that once a month, but most of us need the time with our partner more often.

As parents, we are really great at thinking on our toes - it's something we need to be good at with all the strange things our kids like to throw at us. So, why not apply that to your relationship and think outside the box? You don't need to plan a date far in advance just to spend time with your partner, you can make it a regular, weekly thing if you just plan smart.

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Here are 7 stay-at-home date night ideas for you and your partner:

Indoor picnicIndoor picnicIndoor Picnic
Grab your picnic basket, get some champagne and strawberries, your favorite salads and small sandwiches. Eat on the floor with candlelight or step out in the back yard and eat under the stars.

Movie nightMovie night
Movie Theme Night
Pop the popcorn and get on the couch with your favorite movie theme. Love James Bond? Cheesy romance movies? What about watching your old favorites from when you were a kid? Lots of time to cuddle and reminisce.

Beer / Wine tastingBeer / Wine tastingWine Tasting / Beer Tasting
If you've always wanted to try different types of wine or beer, why not try it all at home? You can set up your own blind tastings and make a fun night of it.

ChessChessGame Night
Chess, twister, Life or card games, can be a fun way to entertain yourselves. There are some good conversation starters to get the sparks flying.

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Learn to cookLearn to cookLearn To Cook
Choose a recipe that neither of you have cooked before, maybe from a different ethnicity you don't normally eat. Take the night cooking together then enjoying your meal over candles.

Golf ballGolf ballDesign Mini Golf Course
This is the perfect time to put your creativity to the test by designing your own mini golf course. You can keep it indoors or take it outside -- it will be fun to both design, build and play.

Video gameVideo gamePlay A Round of Video Games
There are so many awesome and fun video games available now. Choose a two-player game and have some fun competing or working together as a team.

- By Devan McGuiness
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