will everyone thats seen my bloog b4 has seen that i moved to philly for a guy and had a open relationship....will here how it lived with him or better yet he lived
with me cuz he had no i paid for everything but he did get a little of money
to buy food and for the most part he cooked did my clothing n but me gurly things when i
need them....he was good to me for the most of it...and we did have an open relationship
but the was mosly like him doing what he wanted for 2 or 3 months...then when i started
to go out n have fun we couldnt have an open relationship anymore cuz he was
afird i was going to leave him....will i did leave but not for a guy...i left n came home
to im back where i started with no job no man n worst of all not
public transportation....oh i love having the bus right out side my door......will
now im feeling so lonly with out him we had a our bad time but we also had so really good
times.....i love him more then iv ever loved anyone that iv ever been i gusse
i dont know how live with out im loveless in montana!!!