Loving A Liar???!!!!!

Ok. So we all do it. We tell lies. Sometimes they are big, sometimes they are those little white lies, and sometimes they are those lies you "tell" by keeping quiet. But, in a relationship where is the line drawn between the truth and lies? Obviously no one wants to be labeled as a liar in a relationship. After ending a 6 year relationship because of lies, I find myself wondering why I didn't draw the line earlier. My EX was the" little white lie" type of guy. Sometimes I wonder if telling white lies is worst than telling outright lies, b/c while we were together I was constantly wondering "If he lies about the little things, couldn't he be lying about the BIG things???" So were do women need to draw the line? Is it time to kick him to the curb after catching him in that FIRST little/big lie? Relationships are built on trust. When that's broken, even by the teeny tinniest little lie, is it possible for love to remain? In my opinion, I've been there, done that. I don't think it's worth it to make it work when you can't trust a man to tell you the truth about what color the sky is. Call me crazy, but in my experience, once a liar, always a liar!

"To be trusted is a greater complement than to be loved." - George Macdonald