Madame Noire Black Woman Blog Lets One Writer Attack Another Writer, Uprofessional at Best

The Blog Madame Noire, has a very large following of Black Women. I use to read it on occasion because of one of the Editors Christelyn Karazin was a Writer there. Christalyn has also written a book called "Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed". Recently, a production company picked up feature film rights to the movie.

Here is the issue, I have always known that if you work for any Major Professional Blog/News Organization, its never OK to attack a fellow writer on the same forum in the same news. Its simply tacky. I found it very sad that Madame Noire would allow that kind of negative drama on her site. Now it makes me question everything else about her, including her character. Read the article here. Mind you, this is from One writer bashing another writer, unprovoked out of the blue that also writes for Madame Noire.

I do love the fact that the blog The Bloggersphere had a timely response to this matter.

Clarissa Queen of the Pen Superstar Burton Writes:

For those of you who remember Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, there's one episode that cracks me up every time I watch it. The premise of the cartoon is a great treasure is found and secured by an Arab treasure hunter. To prevent anyone from stealing the treasure, a heavy door is installed and a guard stationed. When Bugs and Daffy mistakenly find the treasure, Daffy declares, "It's mine all mine!" He doesn't want anyone to share in HIS new found wealth and begins to behave 'uppity'. When the guard charges Daffy to cut off his head, Daffy gives up Bugs by telling the guard to kill him.

So, why would I mention this cartoon funny? Well, it reminds me of a dialogue I recently had with a few of my BWE ladies regarding a blog article bam blasting a fellow BWE blogger and her success. Unlike Daffy or BLANK, my fellow BWE blogger colleague shared her treasure because she believed all Black women deserve much better.

Just like Daffy, what's most curious is the vile disrespect and jealousy BLANK communicated. Nothing greedy BLANK wrote was valid outside her delusion. It was based on BLANK's personal relationship, which by the way is an interracial relationship-the type of relationship BLANK wants the rest of us Black women to stop encouraging. Hmmm. . . okay.


Again The Beautiful Clarissa Burton "The Only Queen of the Pen" hailed from out of Oprah Winfrey's Chicago! her response from her blog was appropriate

The following is my response to the original forum post:

Woo Wee! I spent yesterday revising my doctoral prospectus and I return to this juicy dialogue. Wow! I have only read BLANK when Christelyn Russell-Karazin wrote her pieces. I am SO GLAD I did not give BLANK my allegiance. My blogs as well as radio show information can be used as I have talked about this issue during the last two shows. I see my next show will be about this matter again. At first, we were putting down the bigoted haters. Then, the BM haters. Now, we have the BW haters. It's as though we are being surrounded by demon-possessed HATERS! Geesh!!! However, what they hadn't bargained for is our determination and resilience.

I've always been one to stand up for justice even when it is just-US! So, this chica wants to rumble? Well, bring it on Sista Soulja! I KNEW this time would come. Now, let me gather my full armor because this is going to get rough!

As you can see, I used BLANK because I refuse to acknowledge . . . FILL IN THE BLANK!


Daffy finds a genie lamp and begins to rub it. The genie appears and tells Daffy he is there to grant him any wish. Instead, Daffy gets selfish and screams, "Oh, no you don'. You want my treasure! Well, it's mine, understand? All mine! Down! Down! Go! Go!" Well, you get my drift. Some Black women are hell-bent on keeping success at bay for other Black women, even when it comes to wanting an interracial relationship. They are in interracial relationships; yet are furious when other Black women encourage their sisters to look for love beyond the Black community. What hypocrites! Again, I'm laughing because I can hear Daffy's funny voice saying, "Oh, no you don'. You want my treasure! Well, it's mine, understand? All mine! Down! Down! Go! Go!"


In the end, Daffy gets just what's coming to him: shrunken to the tiny cretin he really is. Through some of the comments I read in response to BLANK's scathing criticism of those who encourage Black women to be open to dating and marrying interracially, BLANK is now a miniscule drop in the bucket. I guess that's what happens when you find your treasure and you would rather destroy Black women just to prevent them from finding love and happiness. What a shame."



I could not have made a better response than Ms. Burton. It's sad when you have crabs in a Barrel that don't want to see the next person get ahead. As for Madame Noire's blog. One word. Gangster!

until then, Pink Carpet Chic signing off!