Nosy Guy Live-Tweets a Couple's Breakup Hooking Thousands as the Drama Unfolds

Kyle Ayers, a Brooklyn-based comedian and writer, was hanging out on his building's rooftop on Saturday when a couple standing nearby started to fight. Instead of turning away and giving the pair some privacy, Ayers watched as the situation escalated from being a small argument to a full-on break up. Although most people (and by most, I'm really generalizing and referring to what my nosy self would do in this type of situation) would carry on with their conversations or continue to look at the skyline, while covertly stealing a few glances and eavesdropping, Ayers took his interest in the unfolding soap opera one step further and live-tweeted the entire thing for thousands of Twitter followers to vicariously witness. Here are some highlights from #roofbreakup.

For a grand finale, the woman leaves the rooftop, leaving us to assume that their relationship is over.

While this couple's parting was broadcasted publicly without their knowledge, several romantic partners voluntarily choose Twitter and various social media sites to air their dirty laundry. In a new age where the line between public and private is constantly blurred, intimate details of relationships seem to fall in the gray-area of the sharing spectrum. Taking it to the over-sharing extreme, two twenty-somethings, Claire Meyer and Alan Linic, document their tussles on Twitter under a shared account @WeFoughtAbout. This twosome's relationship is, according to their Twitter bio, still "going really well." Unfortunately, we can only conclude that the same can't be said for "girl" and "guy" on #roofbreakup.