The Marriage that Started with an Accidental Email

A personal snapshot of Ruben P. Salazar with his wife, Rachel P. Salazar.A personal snapshot of Ruben P. Salazar with his wife, Rachel P. Salazar.Who knew having similar email addresses could potentially lead to marriage? That was the case for Ruben P. Salazar and Rachel P. Salazar, who began exchanging emails after Rachel's co-worker accidently sent Ruben an email.

In January 2007, Ruben, who lived in Texas, forwarded the email to Rachel, who lived in Thailand, thus starting the beginning of an endless email chain. "I was excited that this person was halfway around the world, it was kind of like sending a letter in a bottle," said Ruben.

After many days (in Thailand) and nights (in Texas) of getting to know each other, Rachel finally took a plane and traveled 8,000 miles to finally meet Ruben. Rachel kept the trip a secret from friends and family to avoid being called "foolish," while Ruben told everyone he knew.

After eight days of being with each other, Ruben proposed while the couple was out dancing one night. "I knew right at that moment: I need to say something or do something so that I don't lose her, so I got down on one knee and asked you [Rachel] to marry me," he said.

Although some of Ruben's friends and family had second thoughts and couldn't believe the shocking news, "They now all tell us, 'you're perfect for each other. You've found the right match!'" said Rachel.

Ruben and Rachel's love story was immortalized in an animated video created by StoryCorps:

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-Grace Gavilanes

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