Should Marriage Vows Expire Every 7 Years?

Bride and Groom Kissing - Wikimedia CommonsDriver's licenses expire. Professional licenses expire. Even dog licenses expire. But marriage licenses are for life! On the one hand, this is kind of the whole point of marriage, right? That you can't just walk away from each other, that you are committed, even when things get tough, even when your kids are keeping you up all night, even when you've been so busy at work that you've taken each other for granted for months at a time, even when you've aged beyond all recognition since the day you met and fell in love. There's a comfort to knowing that you don't have to decide to stay together: You are together. Period.

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But on the other hand... Would we be less likely to take each other for granted if we did have to decide to stay together? We're not talking annual renewal, a la Heidi Klum and Seal (because look how well that worked out for them), but rather every seven years. (Did you know that human cells renew every seven years? So you are quite literally a different person by this point!) Every seven years you'd have to ask your partner all over again, "Will you be mine, to have and to hold, for another seven years?" Imagine how awesome it would feel, seven years into your marriage, to learn that your partner says yes all over again.

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And if your partner decided not to re-up the contract? Well, maybe you just dodged a bullet. Would that really be so much worse than staying in a so-so marriage for the rest of your life just because you said you would?