Married sex: how to keep it hot!

Treat yourself to better married sex this Valentine's Day! We've got 41 tried-and-true tips from our "My So-Called Sex Life" blogger, Andrea Frazer, that will give your marriage the quick bedroom makeover it needs.

1. Ditch the Granny panties. Grandma can stay over if it means you get a night off from the kids.
2. Pucker up and kiss away your disagreements. You can't fight when your lips are touching.
3. Forget your great expectations. Get hot and bothered by your man--not your unrealistic expectations.
4. Avoid the mall. Spend more time with each other and less time shopping for stuff you don't need. He'll be forever in your debt.
5. Stop whining. Put a muzzle on Miss Cranky Pants (yeah, you know who she is).
6. Stop holding grudges--let him hold you instead.
7. Remember it's not always about you, so try not to take everything so personally.
8. Stop comparing your marriage to your parents' and be glad you didn't marry someone just like your dad.
9. Unplug and reconnect. Make sure your hubby knows you love him way more than your computer.
10. Keep your promises. It's fine to sweet-talk him with good intentions, but make sure you follow through.

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